Copywriting Portfolio

I specialise in SEO strategy and implementation, as well as copy on subjects from design and architecture to artisanal food products. See below for my copywriting, email marketing, business podcasts, and content and blog posts. You can also see my SEO work here.


Through DigiGrin (see below), in 2022 I collaborated on the rebrand for the Symmcos family of construction brands. I worked on SEO, copywriting, and branding, collaborating closely with company representatives, designers, and more.


From 2019 until now, I’ve worked within a small, close-knit team at a Colorado-based digital marketing startup, where I’ve created much of the company website’s SEO.

Misk’i Wasi

In 2022, through DigiGrin, I helped re-design and write text for the website of the artisanal sausage delivery service Misk’i Wasi, as well as doing SEO research and implementation.

Inbar Harari

In 2018, I helped write and edit the content and copy for the website of Spain-based handbag design label Inbar Harari.


In 2017, I worked at a Barcelona-based startup writing in-app copy and doing offsite SEO for their recommendation-based travel guides for Barcelona, Madrid, and Amsterdam.


Email Marketing

I’ve designed and implemented external B2B and B2C email campaigns for travel company marketing, art and cultural events, internal company newsletters, and more. I’ve then followed up with all stage analytics and A/B testing for performance monitoring and improvement.


Designed and implemented email marketing campaigns for different B2B campaigns for client acquisition and retention, optimising strategies based on A/B testing and analytics.

I Meet Hotel

Implemented email marketing campaigns to promote and then follow up on recurring digital hospitality events on various topics, ultimately optimising and modifying strategies based on A/B testing and analytics.



I’m knowledgeable in audio editing software and techniques, I’m experienced in script reading and recording, I’ve written a variety of scripts on researched topics, I own a respectable recording setup. As you might guess, I’m an avid podcast listener. My favorites are the classics: TAL, Radiolab, Reply All.

The Hoteliers Podcast

I worked with I Meet Hotel to do research, write scripts, and record audio for podcast episodes on subjects like NFTs, hotel technologies, localisation, insurance, IoT, and more.



I’ve written long and short-form content for various groups, publications, platforms, and blogs, including design companies, online travel agents, acupuncture companies, and more.

"4 Commonly Misunderstood Things That Don't Qualify As R&D"

for Claimer, 2022

"HMRC Payment Delays: What’s Happening And When Will Things Be Back To Normal?"

for Claimer, 2022

"Funding Your Startup In The Post-Pandemic Recession"

for Claimer, 2022

"What B2B Growth Rate Do You Need For Series A Funding?"

for Claimer, 2022

"How to Practice Holiday Self-care for Professional Freelancers"

for Shanty Town Design, 2021

"Redefining Luxury for Value-driven guests"

for Bidroom B2B Knowledge Centre, 2021

"The Scattered Hotel Model Could Revitalize Tourism"

for Bidroom B2B Knowledge Centre, 2021

"Meditation & Happiness: What You Need to Know"

for Wellnest Denver Acupuncture Clinic, 2019

"The Fall Season in Chinese Medicine"

for Wellnest Denver Acupuncture Clinic, 2019

"Social words associated with happiness indicate more happiness"

for, 2017

"The six steps to an effective apology"

for, 2017

"The six best happiness apps to improve well-being"

for, 2017